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yoga classes, instruction in Burlington, Milton and Oakville ontario

Benefits of Yoga:

Increases flexibility and stamina

Creates better posture and balance

Decreases muscle tension and stiffness

Enhances breathing and circulation

Relaxes and centers thoughts aiding the ability to better manage stress

Helps to reduce or eliminate pain and heal injuries with care.

Renews ones sense of overall well-being

Yoga now available in studios in Hamilton & Halton

If you’re bent out of shape with stress and strain, join us for a gentle yoga class! We’re committed to assisting you on you’re journey towards personal fulfillment.

About Yoga…

The popularity of yoga is no surprise given its impressive results. Today’s interpretation of yoga strongly promotes the wonderful physical fitness benefits that it provides. What’s remarkable about yoga is that as you continue to practice, you become increasingly more aware of breathing, relaxation and centeredness. Through this, yoga extends beyond the physical realm, into mental clarity and stress management which is much needed in our chaotic lives.

Our classes are fun and easy going, never intimidating. We won’t ask you to stand on your head or break out into a strange chant. We will ask you to move slowly and consciously, and we’ll encourage you to open up and breathe more deeply. As each of our instructors bring there own flavour to yoga, they all teach gentle moves combined with mindful breathing in a calm, yet effective workout. As you ease though the poses you can expect to unwind, release stress and feel good all over. Anyone can do yoga, at any age.

You can experience Yoga in 3 ways:

Group Classes – click here for schedule
Private Sessions – click here for personal training packages and rates
Special Workshops – click here for workshop schedules

Building your own Yoga Practice

This 2 hour session includes the basics of yoga and demonstrates the most beneficial poses you’ll need to start practicing yoga. At the end of your session, you will be able to include yoga into your regular workout or make it the focus of your daily exercise regime with confidence and ease

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A special thank you for all your help, encouragement and determination to get me in some sort of shape to take this trip. I have a flight tomorrow to Vancouver and fly to Australia on Thursday, long days and even longer flights and I could not have faced them without my yoga classes behind me. Your work has helped me in so many ways and I take with me your words of encouragement and every time I am tempted to skip my yoga exercises I will surely hear your voice, ”don’t forget to breathe”.
C. A., Kilbride