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Wellness Through Hormone Balancing Natually

Intelligent Tools for Fat Loss

Our BioSignature program allows a practitioner to provide an accurate and specific prescription to weight loss. What makes BioSignature unique is it's ability to identify hormone imbalances, and make nutrition & exercise recommendations for targeted success. BioSignature is founded in over 30 years of results and cutting-edge research.

How Does BioSignature Work?

Clients are assessed through a lifestyle consultation, body fat assessment, and nutrition review in a one hour session. This information is put into a few different programs and the results and combined into a 20 page report. The report outlines the 3 major hormonal imbalances in the body, any any nutritional deficiencies/concerns. The results also include personalized recommendations incorporating specific advice on nutrition, supplementation, stress management, and an exercise plan to achieve the desired health goals.

How This is So Effective

The value of these results is not only the personalized information, but the action plan in a step by step process. By addressing hormones with specific actions, you can expect to see results in just a few days. Most will experience a dramatic shift in just one week, and if you embrace the recommendations head on, you can expect to reach your goal within the first 6 weeks. The added benefit to all of this is understanding where to start, knowing why you where not seeing results in the past, and being able to specifically monitor your progress with more than a scale.

Where did BioSignature Come From?

This system was developed by Charles Poliquin, one of the world's top strength coaches, over the last 30 years. He analyzed the blood, saliva and urine of a multitude of clients in his high performance facility and gradually drew incredible conclusions. Fat storage sites are a direct reflection of any imbalances present in a person’s hormonal system.

By the Way…

This isn't just some fitness fad learned as a strategy to sell weight loss sessions. Fitness professionals have to be qualify to attend a 5 day BioSignature Training, and then pass the assessment at the end of the training. Not only that, but each BioSignature Practitioner must re-certify each year, by attending another 5 day training with Charles Poliquin. This ensures his practitioners up to date with the latest research and our skills sharp. And, only those who have taken his programs yearly have access to his supplement line. You will not find these amazing products in stores.

You may not have heard of BioSignature yet, but I guarantee that you will. In the coming months, Coach Poliquin will take BioSignature before thousands of US doctors, as this unique diagnostic tool can be used as an accurate predictor of breast and prostate cancer. Think about it: BioSignature can be used to diagnose these two killer diseases long before any symptoms appear. In other words, this system has the potential not only to help you shed fat, it could also save your life.

More Reasons to Try It

The recommendations is the report are not just for weight loss and hormone balancing. Those are the results of establishing a new foundation for your digestion, insulin levels, stress levels, and metabolism. The BioSignature program is truly a road map for good health. Summing up, where you store fat isn't by chance or genetics. it's the product of hormonal imbalances channelling fat storage to specific areas. But now you can do something about it. Your health will flourish, your waistline will diminish, and you'll more easily accomplish your health goals.

Who is the BioSignature Program For?

The BioSignature program has been used successfully with men and women who are looking for intelligent process to lose weight quickly and effectively. Some clients use BioSignature to gain much-needed muscle, others for healthier appearance; while others wanted to rid themselves of toxins, improved sleep, or repaired their digestion. Nearly everyone reports increased energy, balance moods, and most importantly fat loss. Because this system is a personalized program, the specific health goals your after can be addressed in the report.

Over the course of the program, participants learn that there is no need for fad diets or short term promises, just a commitment to do their personal best, learn how to make simple yet sustainable changes, identify when they need motivation and reward themselves when they make progress.

You can Learn more about the BioSignature Program in 3 Ways:

Private Lessons
Regular Group Classes
Specialized Workshops
Private BioSignature Sessions

BioSignature Measurements, nutrition advice and supplement recommendations are offered as a session on it's own or can be added to any personal training program. When measurements are taken, we are able to identify the issues that are causing stubborn weight gain and then suggest nutritional changes that will stimulate weight loss. The process involves a personalized approach based on a variety of information gathered in this session. Recommendations include nutrition advice, exercise plan, supplement suggestions and lifestyle adjustments for success. Typically weight loss is seen in the first week and consistently changes as your program evolves. Our measurements will be able to indicate that it's a safe, effective fat loss - not water or muscle loss. BioSignature is based on the work of Charles Poliquin, and 35 years of research with top level athletes. By addressing your bodies nutritional, hormonal and energy needs, body fat is no longer needed, and optimal health can be restored.

Establish your Foundation with Data:

Designed to set the stage for your success! When you book your appointment to complete our BioSignature Assessment, we will uncover your metabolic rate, muscle mass, waist-to-hip ratio and body fat percentage. You’ll discover the top 3 hormone imbalances. Plus, a full review of your fitness, nutrition, pH state and cell health. We’ll discover if you need to gain muscle, if your current body composition is placing you at risk for diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis and/or obesity? If you need to repair your gut, or if it’s time to detoxify. We will also take your private “before” pics for later comparison. We'll establish your starting points, set realistic goals, and identify ways to measure this progress along the way.

Regular Tracking, Goal Revisions & Personalized Questions

Following the BioSignature Class, we can do personalized measurements, discuss nutrition challenges and trouble shoot specifics. This is a great way to chart your progress, and stay motivated on a weekly basis. There are a variety of assessment tools and techniques we use to chart your progress. Depending on your goals we may use the BIA, weight, body fat, pictures, fitness tests, pH test or the tape measure. We can also review and help tweak your goals for optimal success.
6 Week Nutrition & Goal Setting Program

These classes are used to create wellness, with the use of current research in nutrition, exercise, supplements and stress management. Each week we will be exploring a new topic, covering the information you need to get you in the best shape of your life! Examples include: ideal nutrition, how to read supplement labels, improving digestion, getting a good nights sleep, stress management, blood sugar maintenance, healthy detox guidelines, etc. This program is designed to join in at any time and attend the sessions that are of the most interest/relevance to you. Some topics may be touched on again as new research and information comes available. So repeating a previously attended topic will still be of incredible value. Some evenings, demos, recipes and experiments will be part of the discussion. There will be time for specific questions and group discussions too.
Individual Workshops

Intelligent Detoxification for Optimal Health

Optimal Wellness is not the combination of excessive exercise and strict dieting as commonly thought. Studies show the healthiest people on the planet have the best digestion and detoxification systems. Research shows 78% of the North American population has below average levels of stomach acid, impaired gut absorption and a less than ideal functioning liver. With even one of these systems not functioning well, you can expect to have weight loss challenges, deficiencies (even with supplementation), poor energy, cramping, fatigue and poor sleeping patterns. Many renowned naturopaths link the deterioration of our digestive system as the major contributor to heart disease, cancer, hormone imbalances and obesity. In this seminar you'll learn how to evaluate if you need support for your digestive or detoxification systems, what you can do about it, determine what's safe and effective and what's just a detox gimmick. Are you getting the nutrients from your food and supplements into your cells? Does your body detoxify well? If you're struggling with your weight, have trouble sleeping, get sick often, or feel a lack of energy, you need to check this seminar out.

This Workshop is 2 hours in length

Balancing Hormones with Ideal Nutrition

Weight loss is no longer about counting calories. It is a matter of chemistry. Changing the ingredients you put in your body will change the outcome. Your hormones are responsible for just about every function in your body and if they are supplied with the right fuel, health is inevitable. Learn the common minerals and nutrients that are deficient in North America, why they are important and how to get the most of them from your diet. We'll also discuss body fat, where you store it and what it says about your hormone balance - and of course what minerals and nutrients will change your shape. Finally, we'll discuss your bodies own detoxification process and its important role in helping you to become lean and full of energy!

This Workshop is 2 hours in length

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