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Pilates Classes & Private Training

Benefits of Pilates

Creates lean, toned muscles, without bulk

Overall body conditioning through slow, controlled movements

Ideal for people of all ages and levels of physical fitness
Helps release tension through correct breathing, posture and balance

Focuses on strengthening the core to provide relief from back, neck, and hip pain

Will leave you feeling strong, invigorated, and in complete control of your body

Our Pilates Classes are available in Burlington, Waterdown, Carlisle, Campbelville and Milton

Our classes leave you feeling strong, tall and healthy. Sign up today for a group class or private lesson and experience the joy and freedom that Pilates offers.

About Pilates…

The Pilates method of fitness is one of a kind for improving core strength, posture and flexibility of the spine. Through gentle movements we’ll encourage you to focus on how you’re moving, notice what muscles you’re recruiting and making you aware of how it feels. This mindful movement evokes a better understanding of how you use your body and re-educates the muscles to work synergistically. It’s through this increase in body awareness that Pilates can improve alignment and mobility, enhance strength and tone, and reduce tension and pain.

The best part about Pilates is that anybody can do it. We accommodate all levels and abilities, but our approach is best suited for those looking for a gentle approach. We encourage students to work within their limits, focusing on quality rather than quantity. If you're injured, out of shape, or just new to exercise a private Pilates lesson or class is a great way to get started.

Private sessions may involve both mat work and the Pilates equipment. Every program is individually created to meet your specific needs. Each client is supervised and taught to work intelligently, applying principles of proper body mechanics to every movement. Sessions will stimulate both your mind and body and leave you feeling flexible, strong and invigorated.

Our Reformer Group Classes offer you a full body workout which targets the abs with each new move. We use key resistance exercise techniques to lengthen the body, improve posture, enhance flexibility, improve spinal mobility, all while strengthening your arms, legs, buttocks, abdominals and back. It's semi-private personal training in a comfortable environment, where your focus is totally inside YOUR body. We will train your body to workout Smarter not Harder.

2 Week special Offer Pilates StudioYou can experience Pilates in 3 ways:

Group Classes – click here for schedule
Private Sessions – click here for personal training packages and rates
Special Workshops – click here for workshop schedules

Ask us about our Future Workshops:

Introduction to Pilates Workshop
Pilates for Back Pain
Pilates for Golf Burlington, Ontario

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"I love the fun learning environment, while still providing a challenging workout. My posture has improved immensely, I feel stronger and less stressed. This also results in improved mental and emotional health. Love the smaller more personalized classes compared to the larger impersonal classes that are offered at the local gym. It’s a very personal and comfortable environment."
F. H., Campbellville

"Utilizing the large equipment has given me the opportunity to specifically target and strengthen areas through resistance training. The ability to tailor and engage in exercises that address my lower back injury has meant that I am able to develop this area without concern regarding further injury. The low instructor-to-student ratio gives me the individual attention that I would not recieve in a larger group setting. My instructor, Elizabeth, is always attentive to every student's strengths and limitations, and is skilled in adjusting every exercise to accomodate such. Her enthusiasm and encouraging attitude make the class enjoyable and certainly something that I look forward to. Since participating in the class I have experienced an overall increase in strength and flexibility. Noticeably the pain that I have in my lower back has significantly subsided. Moreover I have found that my posture has improved."
O.C., Milton