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Mental Emotional Release Sessions

Mental Emotional Release (MER), Also known as Timeline Therapy

Imagine if you could be free from your fear and anxiety, and better yet, imagine if you could go for a goal with a congruency like a laser.
Gina Faubert MER Therapist

The Power of MER

I have been studying personal growth for over 2 decades, a Life Coach for 12 Years, and working with Tony Robbins for 5 years.  I completed my Master NLP Practitioner training 4 years ago and trained in MER, and Hypnosis.  Iíll currently enrolled in RMT Coaching, a program founded by Tony Robbins & Cloe Madanes. With all of the training Iíve done, Iíve found MER to be the most powerful coaching tool Iíve ever come across.

What is MER

MER stands for Mental Emotional Release Therapy. †Itís also known as Timeline Therapy. †It was developed out of an NLP technique and put into a specific process by Tad James (one of Tony Robbins close NLP friends in the early days). †Dr. Matt James (Tadís son), has refined it further and included more coaching as part of the process, and re-named it MER. †If your a Tony Robbins fan, if youíve been to Unleash the Power Within, or experienced Tonyís Emotional Flood process, youíve experienced this technique already.

What Can it Do?

I find using this therapy extremely effective in my breakthrough sessions because it clears negative emotions and allows us to get to the root of issues quickly and easily. MER creates an incredible shift in a person in just one session. Client often leave a Breakthrough Session in a bit of a cloud - feeling like life is perfect. Over the following few days, family and friends will wonder whats different about you. As situations imerge that where once stressful, your reaction will solidify the profound effect that has taken place.

The Beauty of MER

Whatís also really great about MER is I donít need to know what your issues, conflicts or traumas are. I have you think about them briefly, but we almost never have to talk about them. †At the end of an MER session, clients will see key moments in their past as important milestones for learning and growth, rather than blockages or emotionally draining events. †

How Do I Try it?

MER is typically used in Breakthrough sessions that are 3-4 hours long. Most breakthrough sessions focus on one specific area of life ie. health, relationship, career, etc. In some cases, a follow up session a few days later is required to make sure all the negative emotions are cleared and any limitations or bad habits are gone. Some people continue on with NLP & Coaching and never need MER again, some choose to do a breakthrough in each category on a monthly basis based on the success of their first session.

My rates for NLP, MER & Coaching are as follows:

In Person:

Initial Coaching Session (1-1.5 hrs) -$225
Individual Sessions (1.5- 2 hrs) - $280
Breakthrough Sessions (3-4 hrs) -$499

Phone or Video Sessions:

Initial Coaching Session (45 min-1 hr) -$125
Individual Sessions: (1.5-2 hrs) - $195
Breakthrough Session (3-4 hrs) - $395