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Testimonials From Our Clients

"My name is Matt and I have been going to Serenity Valley for over 2 years now and have nothing but the utmost respect for Gina and her team. I have a condition that needs additional care and attention to and Gina was more than willing to help establish what areas and routines would be best suited for me. She has helped me build and strengthen my core while assisting me with my flexibility and knowledge with respect to the body, mind and proper eating habits all in one controlled environment. The classes are usually a mix of different new techniques and equipment that all gym, studios are using today. I would highly recommend Serenity Valley if you're looking to lose weight, build muscle, incorporate a healthy lifestyle or to just meet new and exciting people. My back and core strength have increased since we have begun and I look forward to our sessions each week. Thanks for getting me mobile and back on my feet!"

Matt R.

With a wide range of wellness programs, Serenity Valley supports my goals across the full spectrum of mental, physical and emotional needs.

Devin S.

“Gina’s sessions are always tailored to meet the needs of the specific clients in attendance. She is constantly upgrading her knowledge and skills – which she always incorporates into her classes. I always leave Gina’s session feeling more open and relaxed. It’s easy to incorporate visits to her studio into my lifestyle and the benefits are great.”


I can tell you first-hand that under the keen, compassionate and creative tutelage of Health Coach/Founder Gina Faubert, Serenity Valley affords an opportunity for people to reach levels of body-and-mind fitness they didn't know existed. Shed stress. Get fit, firm, healthy, happy. All in a relaxed, postcard-perfect country setting that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready to once again face the world. Yeah, I'd recommend Serenity Valley -- I have, many, many times.

Andy J.

I have been a student of yoga for over 10 years. I have had many instructors some good some bad. In Gina's classes I have found that she has the perfect balance of knowledge and personality which she blends to create a class that is always different, challenging and fun. Gina's classes attract a mixture of women and men some of whom are beginners, some advanced. Everyone in class, beginner or advanced, is able to challenge him or herself and with Gina's encouragement we meet the challenges week after week. I always look forward to my Saturday morning yoga practice with Gina.


I came to Serenity Valley to help me as a working mother find, at first, some me time and long term support to recuperate from a severe injury. What I found was so much more; I found a retreat and a personal trainer that cares about the ‘whole’ me and not only during my session. I have been encouraged to do more, to think differently and to take my health into my own hands. I am encouraged (and yes sometimes pushed) to try something different and believe in myself, to reflect on my accomplishments and to take time to breathe and enjoy life.

Going to Serenity Valley isn’t a chore, it is now a place I run too with a smile on my face and I leave with an even bigger smile.

Amanda Heffernan

I Have Been In Sports For The Better Part Of Half My Life.  Playing It At Competitive Levels And Being At Part Of It A Professional Level At My Workplace.  I Have Witnessed Many Ways Of Training And Believe Me, I Have Tried Them All.  I Mean All Of Them.

Many Years Ago The “Yoga/Pilates Craze”, I Like To Call It Was Sweeping People From Work And I Swore Up And Down That It Wasn’t For Me And That I Would Never Try It.

Well, Two Years Ago I Very Reluctantly Enter The Doors Of Serenity Valley And Met Gina And Her Staff.  I Can Only Say, I Am Sure Glad I Did!  I Started Gina’s Yoga Classes (The Only Male In The Class, I Might Add) At A Beginners Pace.  She Was Fine With That.  My Technique Was Terrible And I Was Sweating Like I Was Running A Small Marathon Each Class.  I Wanted To Quit Several Times But Gina Kept Encouraging Me To Stick With It And That Results Would Come.  I Had Joined A Mens Softball Team A Year Earlier So I Thought That Maybe This Would Help My Swing. 

The Results I Believe Have Been Signifigant.  I Am The Type Of Person That Measures Results Through Comparison.  So This What I Can Tell You:

230lbs Down To 190lbs
29% Body Fat Down To 18%
No More Back Pain! None!
Much More Muscle Tone
Size 40 Waist To A 35

0 Home Runs In My First Season Of Softball, 3 Home Runs In My First Year Of Yoga, 8 Home Runs In My Second Year, 7 Home Runs In 6 Games This Season.  (I Have Added This Because I Truly Believe That The Core Strength I Have Gained From Yoga Has Completely Given These Resluts To Me.  There Is No Other Explaination)
Golfing- A Good Drive Was 250yds – Now A Good Drive Is 275yds (And It Is Not The Club)

I Added The Last Two Results, Because I Hope If You Read This You Will Understand I Am An Average Guy That Likes To Play Sports At The Age Of 40, And I Can Honestly Say I Am Playing These Games Better At This Age Then I Was Doing When I Was Younger.  If I Had Only Taken Up The Sport Of Yoga/ Pilates When I Was Younger!!  Hope To See You Soon At Gina’s Next Class.

Thank You Gina For All Your Help!
Kevin DiPietro
Travel Coordinator, Toronto Raptors Basketball Team