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Life and Wellness Coaching

Benefits of Life & Wellness Coaching:

Individualized coaching, centered around your needs

Attention to detail based on your personal needs

Nutrition advice, meditation guidance, assistance with personal growth

Be held accountable for accomplishing your goals

Learn about what makes you tick and how to let go of emotional attachments

Guided help to empowerment to help you acheive what you want from life

Gina Faubert MER TherapistI’ve been a health and wellness coach for over 15 years. When people come in with health issues - like 100 lbs over weight, diagnosed with Cancer, or have taken a leave of absence from work due to stress, they often come to me for health advice in the form of fitness, meditation or yoga. 

Poor Health is always a Sign of Something More…

After a few minutes of health history, I learn of that their health issues stem from something deeper.   Because of this, a clients mental and emotional state needs to be supported with a little coaching.  With clarity, they can follow through with the changes they are after and sustain the results long term.  We focus on creating a consistent positive mind set, so that healthy intentions are easy and effortless.  In order to consistently be in that empowered state we first have to break through beliefs, conflicts in the subconscious, and self defeating behaviours.  Once we get to the real issues, solutions are possible. As solutions are created for these issues clients health improves quickly and they find it easy to maintain these new habits. Clients that fail to address the issues find themselves not following through, sabotaging their efforts, and giving up on their goals.
A Positive State of Mind Creates Success

Creating great goals is only achieved when they come from a positive place. If you are beating yourself up before you even begin, your goals come from a place of should, shame, and self defeat. If you can appreciate your current abilities, reflect on how you’ve been inspired to change and are actively seeking a solution, your focus becomes clearer, and the action steps come from a place of love and deep truth about what you really want for your body and health.

My Life’s Passion

I have been studying personal growth for over 2 decades, a Life Coach for 8 Years, and working with Tony Robbins for two years.  I completed my Master NLP Practitioner training 2 years ago with the company that trained Tony.  I’m also trained in MER, and Hypnosis.  I’ll currently enrolled in RMT Coaching, a program founded by Tony Robbins & Cloe Madanes called Strategic Intervention.

What Coaching Can Do for You

If you’ve been struggling to start an exercise program, stick to one, or push yourself to see better results, coaching can help. We look at why you are doing what you do. We’ll analyze your values, beliefs, your needs, and where you spend your time. Then we’ll determine what you really want from yourself, and your life. Coaching helps to clear the slate and draw up something new, then lay the foundation to start fresh and with constant, strategic actions. These actions create habits, results and long term changes.

The Time to Change is Now

Coaching is a partnership. Someone to support you, hold you accountable, help you develop a solid plan, identify and annihilate obstacles, and celebrate your successes. This is the most direct route to creating the health and life you desire and deserve.

It’s exciting to take someone from a place of frustration to a place of fulfillment. You can do it. Just take some time to get clear about where you are and where you want to go. This is a journey of self discovery, and the best part of becoming healthy and happy, from the inside out!

How to Get Started

Depending on what your needs and goals are, coaching sessions range from one Breakthrough session that is 3-4 hours long, to regular coaching sessions that are 1-2 hours long.  I have helped people in just one session with a very specific problem, but most often I work with clients either on a monthly basis for a 2 hour session with homework in between, or in a 1 hour session on a weekly basis, often combined with a workout, yoga or meditation session.

In almost all cases, I like to start Coaching with a 3 hour session for our first visit.  I combine this with some homework to implement your new vision of your future, and to solidify your intentions with action steps and implementing rituals for success.  It’s usually at this point where we both have an understudying of the number and frequency that is best for your progress.   

Coaching Packages:

In Person:

Initial Coaching Session (1-1.5 hrs) -$225
Individual Sessions (1.5- 2 hrs) - $280
Breakthrough Sessions (3-4 hrs) -$499
3 -45 min. Session package - $419
6 -45 min. Session package - $779

In Person Youth:

Youth Individual Sessions (1-1.5 hrs) - $149
3 -45 min. Session package - $399
6 -45 min. Session package - $749

Phone or Video Sessions:

Initial Coaching Session (45 min-1 hr) -$125
Individual Sessions: (1.5-2 hrs) - $195
Breakthrough Session (3-4 hrs) - $395
4 -45 min. session package - $370
8 -45 min. session package - $690

“It’s not the goal, it’s who you become in the process.”

For more information on life and wellness coaching E-mail or phone 905.335.9591