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personal training the key benefitsPersonal Training with Serenity Valley…

Your training involves an individualized wellness program based on your needs, training sessions to guide you injury free and lifestyle coaching to make these intentions a life long lasting change. Whether you’re recovering from an accident or illness, training for a competition – or you’ve just decided “it’s time”, you’ll appreciate our expert advice, support systems, and holistic approach to fulfilling your wellness goals.

About Our Personal Training…

Your custom program is designed based on the information you provide in the initial session discussing goals, time commitments and interests. A posture and mobility assessment is completed to determine what areas of your body are strong and flexible. Your program may include exercises from traditional fitness methods, or involve more yoga or Pilates techniques. Each program will be different and specifically designed to meet your goals.

To help make this lifestyle transition a smooth one, you will receive coaching support to keep you on track and a detailed package which includes your personalized exercise program, goal setting sheets, inspirational worksheets, nutrition guidance and a workout log.

We’ve been hired to help clients:

Achieve weight loss goals in a reasonable time frame
Learn Pilates basics to relieve back pain
Create a home or travel fitness program
Learn breathing, relaxation and meditation techniques
Build a concrete fitness and nutrition plan to balance hormones
Construct a daily yoga practice
Develop a sport specific conditioning program
Personalized sessions based on your agenda (not ours)
Personal Training Packages Include:

Getting Started - Home Program (3 Sessions)

This package is designed to provide you with an initial assessment covering your body’s needs and requirements along with your goals and commitments. A program is designed to work with any equipment you may already have at home. The second session involves going through the program in detail, and making sure each exercise is understood and performed properly. The third session involves a follow up and review, to ensure you’re following the program safely and effectively and give you the confidence you need to continue.

Specialized Personal Program (6 sessions)

This program follows the outline above, and includes 3 additional sessions to help make your lifestyle transition stick. This is best for those who are new to exercise, uncertain of there motivation level at home, or for those who are looking for a program to rehabilitate an injury.

3 Months of Constant Support and Consistant Results (12 sessions)

Perfect for those looking for weekly or bi-weekly sessions. Training builds on the foundation and home program established in the sessions above. In these 12 sessions you’ll receive more attention to detail, maintain your level of adherence to your new commitment, and see results sooner. This package is best suited for those with special concerns, weight loss goals over 10 pounds, those who want a regular coaching session or those who enjoy working on the Pilates equipment with detailed instruction each week.

Bio Signature Sessions

Bio Signature Measurements, Nutrition advice and supplement recommendations can be added to any personal training program, or offered on it's own. When measurements are taken, we are able to identify the hormones that are causing stubborn weight gain and then suggest nutritional changes that will stimulate weight loss. The process is gradual, and as simple or dramatic as you'd like to go with your diet. But typically weight loss is seen quickly and consistantly while using the Bio Signature protocol reccommended. Our measurements will be able to indicate that it's a safe and effective fat loss - not water or muscle loss. Bio Signature is based on Orthomolecular Medicine and 35 years of research with top level athletes. By addressing your bodies nutritional needs, body fat is no longer needed and optimal health can be restored. A full assessment & recommendations costs just $115 - or is included in any 12 session package.

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