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NLP Coaching & Training for Personal, Business & Sport

What is NLPNLP Coaching

NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming is a collection of tools and techniques that are used to create significant and lasting changes in people in a short period of time. NLP is typically used within coaching sessions as questions, exercises, and visualizations that can completely change the way someone thinks, and behaves

Fascinated with Transformation

I became obsessed with NLP after attending a Tony Robbins event and watching him transform a boy who had stuttered for the past 10 years, and had little success with therapy. In 30 minutes the boy had overcome his debilitating limitation, and appeared to have a new outlook on life. During this intervention, I noticed the language Tony used was a bit “strange”. But I couldn’t put my figure on why. I began researching NLP and discovered his secret.

Where Did It Come From?

Most of the language, tools and techniques Tony Robbins uses could be considered NLP. It’s roots go back to the 70’s when two inquisitive minds (John Grinder and Richard Bandler) started studying therapists who where getting quick and remarkable results. Grinder & Bandler studied videos, transcripts and live sessions to determine what was making the difference.  These techniques where put together in a collection of tools called NLP.  Each year they are expanded on, modified and improved by today’s NLP practitioners.  

What Does it Do?

NLP is essentially a study of the connection between the neurological processes ("neuro"), language ("linguistic") and behavioural patterns learned through experience ("programming") and as such these can be changed to achieve specific goals in life.    NLP can treat problems such as anxiety, depression, breaking bad habits, losing weight, dealing with chronic pain, emotional eating, addictions, learning disorders, and more.

Learning More Every Year

I studied with the company who taught Tony Robbins NLP. I took the basic course twice, then the full Master Practitioner’s course in California twice. This course was a year of University in 2 full weeks. NLP is simple to use, but understanding how it works, what tool to use, and when to use it, is a life long learning process. Because of this, I continue to study with the worlds best coaches to master my skills.

How Can It Help Me?

I primarily use NLP in my sessions to initially create rapport and trust, so clients can open up and tell me what’s really going on. I use NLP to help client gain clarity for what they truly want, and develop clear and concise goals that support their outcomes.

NLP can be used to establish empowering states of mind. Emotions like: totally powerful, intensely passionate, ton of energy, totally confident, have it all, pure raw motivation, intensely inspired, fall down laughing, overwhelming gratitude, deep sense of calm, pure happiness, filled with joy. These states will override self sabotage, overwhelment, and a lack of motivation.

NLP can also be used to overcome limiting beliefs, conflicts, and bad habits. NLP can even be used to break free of cravings, or dislike your favourite junk foods. I use NLP often to help people manage stress and anxiety, and stick to there goals.

How to Get Started

Depending on what your needs and goals are, sessions range from one Breakthrough session that is 3-4 hours long, to regular sessions that are 1-2 hours long.  I have helped people in just one session with a very specific problem, but most often I work with clients either on a monthly basis for a 2 hour session with homework in between, or in a 1 hour session on a weekly basis, often combined with a workout, yoga or meditation session.

In almost all cases, I like to start with a 3 hour session for our first visit.  I combine this with some homework to implement your new vision of your future, and to solidify your intentions with action steps and implementing rituals for success.  It’s usually at this point where we both have an understudying of the number and frequency that is best for your progress.   

NLP & Coaching Rates:

In Person:

Initial Coaching Session (1-1.5 hrs) -$225
Individual Sessions (1.5- 2 hrs) - $280
Breakthrough Sessions (3-4 hrs) -$499
3 -45 min. Session package - $419
6 -45 min. Session package - $779

Phone or Video Sessions:

Initial Coaching Session (45 min-1 hr) -$125
Individual Sessions: (1.5-2 hrs) - $195
Breakthrough Session (3-4 hrs) - $395
4 -45 min. session package - $370
8 -45 min. session package - $690